Jamie, twin brother toScott Tyler, is the third of the Five and is one of the main protagonists in the third book in the Power of Five series Nightrise. At the beginning of the book, Jamie is preforming in a dingy theater in Reno, Nevada. Soon Scott is kidnapped and both physically and mentally tortured by the sinister Nightrise corporation, and Jamie is sent into the past and witnesses the first battle against the Old Ones. At the end of the book Jamie and Scott are united with Matt and Pedro. Jamie is 14 years old in Nightrise, but 15 in Necropolis. In Necropolis, it shows that Jamie is now more in charge of the two, as Scott is very withdrawn and quiet.

Personal Info Edit

Name: Jamie Tyler;

Past incarnation: Sapling;

Gender: Male;

Age: 14;

Eyes: Dark brown;

Hair: Black, straight;

Build: Slim;

Identifying marks: A tattoo of a circle with a line through it on shoulder;

Country of birth: Unknown, although Jamie is likely to have Native American blood, possibly from the Paiue or Washoe tribes

Current location: Unknown. Last seen in Hong Kong, China. The Nightrise Corporation has offered a substantial financial reward for information as to his location.

Background Edit

Jamie was discovered as a baby, along with his twin brother Scott, in a cardboard box left by the side of the road near [Lake Tahoe], [USA]. No one knows who his parents were or where he came from. After being moved from foster home to foster home, Jamie and Scott were taken in by Don and Marcie White and forced to perform in a show called The Circus of the Mind in [Reno].

Power Edit

Telepathy – the ability to communicate using the mind as well as to control the thoughts and actions of others. Jamie and Scott have a strong telepathic link.

Other details Edit

Jamie sees Scott as his one true friend and protector.