The Nightrise Corporation is the primary antagonist in Nightrise

and Necropolis, and they play a part in Evil Star when they worked with Diego Salamanda, head of SNI. They were based in Hong Kong, where The Chairman had his office in The Nail. It is unknown what happened to Nightrise at the end of Necropolis, as the chairman was killed by a boat that was blown into his office during the typhoon.


There are known offices in:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • Tokyo
  • Beijing


The Nightrise Corporation has about 300 companies all around the world and many of them work for the US government. They supported Charles Baker in the presidential election and they channeled millions of dollars in his direction, bankrolling independant organisations and little groups. One company owned by Nightrise manufactures bombs, and another that is hired to rebuild cities that the bombs destroyed. According to Senator John Trelawney "Nightrise is very big and they seem to take pride in being as bad as they can get away with."

During Trelawny's birthday parade in Auburn, they attempted to assasinate him in front of everyone by using Scott Tyler, who told Warren Cornfield, Trelawney's personal security officer, to shoot him.

At the end of Nightrise, it is said that almost 70% of the votes in the US election were counted by machines and critics pointed out that no fewer than three of the main vote-counting companies had strong links with the Nightrise Corporation, which backed Charles Baker throughout the campaign.