This is the place where the climax of Raven's Gate happens, and built exactly on top of Raven's Gate


This was the place where back in time, four of the original five, and Jamie struck their swords into Chaos. When all five points of the blades met, a vacuum was created and all of the Old Ones were sucked into another dimension and sealed. When Jamie was there, it was an empty plain, but eventually it grows into a forest. After Jamie goes back to his time, eighteen giant stones were raised making the first stone circle. Centuries later, in Medival times, people thought it was cursed and ground all the stones to powder and was sent to the Norh, South, East, and West of Great Britain where it was dumped into the sea. Later Sir Micheal Marsh, a servent of the Old Ones, and a nuclear physicist use his influence to make Omega One on top of gate exactly wiht 18 control rods, to match the original 18 stones.

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