Richard is first introduced in Raven's Gate and helps Matt out with his troubles with the heartless Jayne Deverill. At the end of the book Richard pushes Mrs. Deverill in a pool of acid when she tries to crush Matt's windpipe. In the second novel, Evil Star, Richard agrees to go to Peru with Matt and gets separated from Matt when their taxi from the airport was ambushed by the Incas, who were actually preventing them from being captured by the police. He stays at Vilcabamba (the lost city of the Incas) and reunites with Matt to go to the Nazca Lines to find the second gate(evil star). He does not appear significantly in Nightrise, but in Necropolis he goes with Matt and Jamie to London to try to find Scarlett Adams, the last of the Five, and then goes to Hong Kong with them via Macau before they are attacked and separated. He reunites with the Five at the Tai Shan Temple. He is then paired with Scarlett when they go through the Doorway.